Simple and basic home repair steps that you can perform BEFORE calling a costly repairman.

There are lots of simple and easy steps that you can take to perform home maintenance and home repairs within your home.

Whether you are a homeowner or even a tenant renting an apartment, there are quite a few steps you can follow to prevent those everyday small and basic repair and maintenance problems that occur within your home.

Service company's "most profitable calls" are from uninformed home-owners who themselves could have either troubleshooted or fixed their home repairs with just a few simple steps and basic tools. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars a year on repairs and costly service calls, not to mention "your time" taking a day of work off to wait on the service technican to arrive at your home.


Here, within this website, you will find a simple and basic guide to follow, so that you can remedy those problems.

Set aside some time to educate yourself about your home, it's components and how they operate. As you progress in learning about your home, main-tenance will become routine project during each season. Keeping your home running smoothly and with less costly repairs that you will have to pay, is every homeowners greatest achievement for their home.

Basic heating, plumbing and electrical components of your house are not as complicated to troubleshoot and repair as you might think.

Being able to answer even the most basic questions that service repair technican will ask of you is worth your time. The more answers you know to their questions, the less time they are at your home costing you money.

Knowing basics about your home will save you time, energy and most of all "your" money.

Depending on each and every situation, licensed technicans and repairmen may be required to perform the repairs.

Get to know and care for your most valuable asset "Your Home".

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electrical panel and wiring inside your home.
Electrical Panel, wiring, outlets and more, where are they and what can I fix?
What fuel type heats your home?
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air-conditioning repairs
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