Electrical components,
      where are they located
        and what can I fix?

Electrical components inside houses are quite often the most common part of a home that a homeowner will not attempt to repair. For most people, calling an electrician is their safest bet. Even if you do not want to repair even an outlet, just knowing alittle information is of great help to the electrician.

First and foremost is Where is your electrical panel located? Is there furniture, boxes, or just plain things in front of the panel and it is not accessible? Inside the panel are all of the fuses labeled? These are just a few but important questions an electrician will ask you.

Electrical Outlets Do your outlets have reset buttons. Kitchen and bathroom outlets should always have them. Are they the three prong or do you still have the much outdated 2-prong outlets. Is there an insulation plate installed between the wall and cover. Especially on outside walls, this is a great idea for heatloss recovery. Do you have small children in your home and are there child protective covers on each outlet.

Wiring Do you know how old your wiring is inside your home? Is your wiring up to code?

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